Our main concern is the safety of your data.

Finance Mastery requires no Internet access.
So you can be sure that no one except you get to see your data.

Security with 128-bit AES encryption.
Your sensitive data will be encrypted with AES 128 bit.
AES is a standard encryption system and provides maximum security.

If you start Finance Mastery for the first time, you are first asked to provide a master key.
This is used to encrypt your data. You are advised to choose a secure key.
Furthermore, you are prompted for a short key.
The short key is used for fast identification to FinanceMastery.

If you start Finance Mastery (after restarting the phone ,...) you will be prompted to enter the master key.
We recommend (for simplicity) to end Finance Mastery via HOME - key only. 
If you restart Finance Mastery then, you only need to enter the short key.
However, to ensure security, you only get one chance to enter the short key, and will then be prompted for the master key.