• Optionally, you can always see on your home screen, 
    how many transactions are due to pay in the next few days.

Pie chart of revenue and expenses in your categories.
  • You can see, for example, the proportion of luxury goods in comparison to clothing in the last month     
Pie chart of revenue and expenditure by orders of magnitude.
  • See for example, whether you spend most of your money in price areas such as 10-25 $ or if you tend
     to do very large purchases.
Account balances at any time.
  • Whether Feburary 20 or December 2010 or the current month. Dealings will be displayed for every date you want. But we can't forecast balances for the future.

Credit-Card-Limit function
  • You can provide limits for your credit-card. If you do so will get an overview about the expenses this month and how much upcoming expenses are about to crash your limit.
List of debts
  • Simply add debts as an unpaid transaction. They will be listed in 'due transactions'. Furthermore you will be reminded of them.
Standing orders
  • It is possible to settle standing orders automatically.

Overdue Transactions
  • You can create invoices with a "maturity" date. If you want to pay your bill in the next week Finance Mastery will remind you for that.
AES-encrypted data
  • Your sensitive data is stored AES-encrypted .

Export and import data
  • At any time you can export all your data to the SD card. You get the control over backups of your data.

Free choice of categories and accounts.
  • We have provided some useful categories and accounts. 
    In addition, you can create, edit and delete even more categories or accounts.

CSV - Export
  • Export your data directly to CSV so you can import it to your Computer to evaluate it with your office suite.

Supported languages: English and German.