Why Finance Mastery?

It is useful

It is important to know where the money goes each month. A portable housekeeping book will help you with that.
If you use Finance Mastery to keep track of your finance you will be able to see statistics about where your money goes.
Do you want to know, for example in which 
Categories (e.g. "food", "clothing"), you spend your money? Finance Mastery does all this with just a few clicks.
In addition, you can easily see the price areas, where you spent most of your money to. Do you leave your money in articles priced 10 to 25$? Or does your money go to low prices goods?
Also Finance Mastery will keep track of your credit card limits.

It is intuitive

With prepared accounts and categories, the fun begin directly after the purchase.
Furthermore, from the dashboard, the startup screen of the Android app, you will reach each feature with a maximum of three clicks.

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You may buy the app on Android Market.

It is secure

Our ultimate concern is that only you can access your data.
Finance Mastery therefore needs no connection to the Internet. In addition, your sensitive data will be encrypted with AES-128bit encrypted.